Fact About Barres Saunas

7 Facts About Barrel Saunas

Choosing a barrel-sauna, the future owner always wants to know as much diverse information as possible in advance. So we’ve put together seven more facts about our sauna kits for you that you’ll want to know:

Easy assembly

Barrel saunas have a very thoughtful design. They do not require special tools for cutting or assembly. Sauna barrels can be assembled on the spot by laying milled cedar boards of the proper size around the circumference of the two end walls. Next, everything fits together with the locking rings that are provided. Even a person who has never done it before can assemble a sauna barrel.

Easy to deliver

Barrel saunas come unassembled. Round Sauna Kit includes:

  • Pallet stack,
  • Door,
  • Wood-burning stove,
  • Benches,
  • Set of round-end rings.

This is a crucial reason why barrel saunas are easy to package, sell and distribute nationwide.

Thermal insulation

A barrel sauna does not need additional thermal insulation. The round cedar wood wall is a sufficient barrier from heat to cold. In addition, quality wood and cedar’s excellent expansion properties allow you to maintain the temperature in the steam room even when it’s freezing outside.

A changing room

You can buy a barrel sauna without a changing room, but then you will have to leave the hot steam room directly outside. In addition to the fact that there may be a strong cold wind outside, your sauna visit will differ without a changing room. A sauna session works when a person can adequately cool their entire body and then return it to average temperature before entering the steam room again. To do this, you may want to relax in a room, drinking tea and resting. But, instead, you’ll have to walk from the cold outside right into the hot room without the extra room. For some visitors, this abrupt transition may be too harsh.

Not enough space?

Because of their round design, sauna barrels have no corners, so they boast their heat and heating speed. However, the smaller room’s size is better for heating, but it can also cause some visitors to feel cramped in the sauna barrel. If you think that the round barrel sauna will be too small for you, consider other shapes’ sauna kits. Square or oval saunas have more space inside so that you won’t feel cramped in them.

Upper benches.

Although there are kits with lower and upper benches, it is usually recommended to have only one level of benches for round saunas. This is because even if your round sauna has top benches, you will be comfortable lying on them but not so comfortable sitting. 

It makes more sense to use two-tiered benches in other shaped saunas because there is more space inside.

Remember that the top is always hotter than the bottom, so beginners, children, and the elderly should refrain from using the upper benches. 

A secret backyard retreat

Sauna barrels can be placed anywhere and exist independently of any other buildings. Therefore, the owners of home saunas enjoy the regular opportunity to recuperate, relax and enjoy sauna sessions right in their backyard. Having a secret corner for relaxing at home is the main advantage of barrel saunas.