cedar sauna kit

A modern sauna is your healthy choice

Many people hesitate to build a sauna, as convinced that it is a very expensive, thorough, responsible, and time-consuming affair. A lot of them don’t want to set up a modern sauna in a separate building. Even if there is enough space near your house to build a sauna, you won’t prefer this way, knowing that there is a faster, more efficient, and more affordable option. If you value functionality, ergonomics and you like original, simple solutions, we have the perfect one for you. A barrel sauna takes up little space while being functional, aesthetic, easy to install and maintain.

More comfortable than a regular sauna

Cedar barrel sauna allows you to save space and place it almost everywhere. It is a very convenient type of sauna because:

  1. You get the same health benefits you get from a regular sauna. 
  2. The shape of the barrel ensures that your sauna heats evenly and retains heat for a long time. 
  3. You can completely move the barrel sauna to another location. 
  4. The sauna barrel is easy to use. 
  5. Easy to care for, clean, and maintain. 

The round sauna has a reliable, elaborate design, and it can be transported from place to place if necessary. The small size of the sauna barrel and its shape helps to heat in a short time. This helps not to waste extra fuel and energy. Depending on the model, there may be an anteroom and shower inside. The interior design of even a small sauna has everything you need. Inside a barrel sauna there are already pre-installed:

  • Benches,
  • Table,
  • Stove, 
  • Chimney, 
  • Water tank.

You can see the full list of equipment on the product page or ask our managers. In any case, you will get a fully working sauna in the original form factor. 

Healthy outdoor barrel sauna

Just like traditional saunas and bathhouses, outdoor barrel saunas are good for your well-being and health. You can have a sauna even every day without leaving your home.

Barrel sauna combines the curative properties of the classic traditional sauna and the benefits of natural wood materials. In a barrel sauna, you can relax and have a rest with a small group of people.

Benefits and comfort of a cedar sauna kit

A cedar sauna kit can travel with its owner for any distance. You can move it as many times as you need, and it won’t affect functionality and durability, thanks to the quality and reliability of the materials and components.

An unusual design can decorate your backyard. Due to the rounded design, natural materials, and modest size, the barrel sauna harmoniously fit into almost any garden. The sauna has an elaborate drainage system, with holes on the sloping floor for the wastewater. The portable sauna can seat up to eight people at a time (depending on the size you choose). The air temperature in this sauna is adjustable, and any visitor will feel comfortable during the procedures.

How to prepare the area?

A barrel sauna does not require an expensive foundation. Make sure that the base for the sauna is flat and hard enough. If you want to decorate the place for the sauna, you can do it in almost any way. The barrel has little weight, so cement, gravel, tile, and other floorings will work for it. With these, you will completely insulate the sauna barrel from the wet ground, and it will prolong its lifetime.


Dear customers, buying a barrel sauna is a responsible step, but you will not regret it. You will be able to have all useful sauna procedures with a minimum of time and effort. The original design of the sauna will be a beautiful addition to your house. The barrel sauna is the best solution if you want to invest in your health and relaxation!