Barrel Sauna Ontario

About barrel sauna Ontario

A sauna is an old form of bathing that came from Finland. Its unusually high temperature of 70-100 degrees makes it easy to tolerate due to low humidity. Our body is always trying to stay in balance so that it responds to hot, dry air by sweating. The evaporation of sweat cools the skin and prevents it from overheating. After the hot air, you cool your body in cold water or even snow and repeat this as long as you like.

A modern barrel saunas affects the whole body. It relaxes you, increases resistance to pathogens, nourishes your blood vessels, and boosts metabolism. It positively affects blood pressure, and intense sweating cleanses the body from the inside. As a result, the skin becomes more clear and softer. Sauna bathing is a healthy way to balance the stresses of everyday life.

What is Barrel Sauna

What is a barrel portable sauna?

Our modern portable saunas start from round barrel saunas made of high-quality cedarwood. They are usually heated with electric sauna heaters or a wood-burning stove. It is better to use a wood-burning stove to feel a perfect atmosphere and enjoy the aesthetics of the genuine cedar sauna. Assembling the barrel sauna is quick and easy. The individual staves are joined together piece by piece at the final location. Metal straps hold the staves made in this way tightened at the ends. Cedarwood is excellent for this kind of construction. First of all, it stays movable throughout its life. This allows the wood to expand while heating the barrel sauna, which means the structure becomes airtight and insulated. When the sauna cools down, the wood will return to its original shape, so the cedar wood will quickly remove heat and excess moisture.

Cedar Sauna Quality

Meanwhile, barrel saunas are offered in various designs and wood materials. Cedarwood has proven to be particularly suitable. The material is sustainable, mainly moisture-resistant, and has an excellent insulation value.

Barrel Sauna Ontario

Barrel sauna Ontario

The barrel sauna can become a center of attraction in any garden. Enjoy pure relaxation in your private wellness area. This form of sauna is a real eye-catcher and can be perfectly set up as the center of your wellness area. Above all, the sauna in barrel form brings all the advantages of the outdoor sauna:

  • no need for space in the house,
  • no problems with humidity indoors,
  • direct cooling in the fresh air.

A barrel sauna in Ontario is a traditional and healthy way to relax with an exclusive design. The barrel sauna is a unique type of sauna, especially its fast heating and compact design. There is a place for the barrel sauna in the smallest space in almost every garden. You can quickly get all barrel sauna models of our exquisite assortment and enjoy your sauna for years to come. Cedar portable sauna offers many advantages, especially for sauna fans. Treat yourself to something special with a barrel sauna made of cedarwood, which will pay off with long sauna enjoyment.