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Cedar Life is a private company that manufactures and retails a variety of unique, Canadian-made saunas. We select the best quality white cedar for its durability, decay resistance, and dimensional stability. We offer number of different saunas such as a barrel, square, oval or octa.

Cedar Life provides sauna kits that include a Grill’D Aurora 160 Wood Burning Stove, Grill’D Flue Pipe, cedar bench in the hot room so you can get comfortable sitting and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones. There is no need for sawing or cutting, all the pieces are pre-cut and grooved. 

Feel free to give us a call for a quote, or if you have any questions, we are always here for you!

Clear Wester Cedar Barrel Sauna
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What People Say

“Good afternoon, I would like to leave very good reviews about the sauna, ordered in your company Cedar Life! We ordered a sauna when we saw it only in the photos, but when it came, we were even more delighted than in the photo.

First of all, we liked the service very much: David told everything in detail, competently answered all questions and told everything convincingly.

The sauna reached Mississauga in 2 days, during these days it was possible to trace the location of our sauna, no defects were noticed!

We use with pleasure every weekend!”
Client of Company
"We bought a cedar sauna with a wood burning stove in Toronto.

It was manufactured to our size in a week and delivered to us.

We were delighted with the quality! Perfect work!

The other day we tried it in action with our family - it's magical! There is a smell of cedar in the air!

We recommend it!."
Client of Company
We bought a cedar sauna for home in the company CedarLife.

Manufactured in 7 days by our size. Complete with a furnace Grill’D.

The floor folds. Gathered very easily, for 3 hours coped. The quality of woodworking, we liked it very much.

You can see the professionals at once! Price pleasantly surprised.

We are happy with it.
Client of Company