Barre Saunas

All You Need to Know About the Oval Barrel Saunas

Each person is guided only by their taste and preferences when choosing the shape of barrel saunas. The oval barrel sauna has an innovative design. At first glance, this design looks like a full-fledged sauna complex and gives an idea of the capacity of the interior rooms.

Construction Features

For spacious sauna barrels, we chose a hybrid rectangular shape with rounded corners. This design is slightly wider than a standard round sauna barrel. At the same time, unlike the square one, it retains a soft shape. Thanks to the innovative form factor, we got the original look with comfortable and functional space inside the sauna.

The main advantage of the oval saunas over the round and square barrel sauna is its interior space. In addition, it has a much larger volume because it does not have beveled walls. This makes it more convenient and comfortable to use.

The 5- and 6-meter long barrel saunas and the 4×4-meter oval sauna have a third shower compartment. Also, it is equipped with a bench and a shower tray.

What material is used to make the oval sauna?

The type of wood was not chosen by chance. Cedar is one of the few coniferous trees that does not release resin when heated. Due to the low thermal conductivity coefficient, it is almost impossible to get burnt on the wood. The steam room made of a 45 mm cedar board is heated with a single stack of dry birch firewood.

Why choose oval outdoor barrel saunas?

Unlike round and square outdoor barrel saunas, it is more comfortable and functional. The interior of an oval outdoor barrel saunas does not look too long and has no rounded walls but resembles an ordinary square room of large volume. An oval sauna looks more organic on any home site than a square or round sauna.

Our products are made by people who love and know how to work with wood. We use traditional cooperage, joinery, and carpentry techniques. Oval sauna barrels from our production are created for those who need a fully functional and good-working steam room but are not ready to start expensive construction. You can test any of the presented in our catalog models of sauna barrels in half an hour after installation.

What is inside the oval barrel sauna?

Depending on the length of the model, the oval sauna can have two or three spacious and comfortable compartments. For example, even a small oval sauna with a length of 4 meters and a width of 2.35 meters is a compact but very roomy sauna with two compartments.

The layout of the two-compartment oval sauna includes an anteroom and a steam room. The anteroom includes:

  • A table,
  • Benches,
  • A teak mat,
  • Light, switch and socket,
  • Opening window.

In the steam room:

  1. Grill’D wood burning stove,
  2. Hot water tank,
  3. Two-tiered benches,
  4. Opening window,
  5. Light,
  6. A teak mat,
  7. A water drain,
  8. Heat-resistant screens under the stove.

This is only a rough description of the sauna equipment, as it may vary depending on the selected configuration. For more information, you can always contact our managers by phone or email. You can also contact us via the feedback form on the contact page or Instagram.