Barrel sauna kit

Ready-to-use barrel sauna kit

Cedar Life offers you a large selection of cedar barrel sauna kits. Our skilled craftsmen use only 100% cedar, dried to an 8% moisture content.

Here you can buy barrel saunas of any size, from the tiny 2-meter long construction to the spacious 6-meter long sauna with a full-fledged terrace. On our website, you can take a look at portable saunas and choose a model that will suit your backyard best. Detailed descriptions and photos will help you to find your perfect sauna barrel quickly and easily. 

The advantages of a cedar sauna

Portable cedar saunas have a whole range of impressive advantages:

  • Space-saving. The total area of the construction is no more than 12 sq. m. You can easily place this sauna even on a small plot, and you can move it to a new place if necessary.
  • Capacity. Despite the small external dimensions, Cedar Life barrel saunas have a full-fledged steam room with a powerful wood-burning stove and comfortable benches. The more spacious models have a changing room and a restroom. You won’t feel cramped while taking procedures, so you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the cedar sauna.  
  • Favorable price. Prices for barrel saunas are quite affordable. Would you agree that these costs are incomparable with the cost of building a regular sauna on the foundation?
  • Installation. A ready-made sauna is easy to install on a limited-sized plot. It often happens that the construction of a stationary sauna is not allowed by the landscape, buildings, and other obstacles. The portable sauna is assembled on location in just a few hours. 
  • Safety. It is very important to observe fire-prevention measures since any sauna has a source of an open fire. Incorrectly assembled furnaces, chimneys, electric wiring can lead to fires. We supply our saunas with the best equipment. Stoves, chimneys, wiring, accessories, and materials come from trusted manufacturers. These are Grill’D stoves, Ferrum chimneys, as well as professional installation of all units and materials. High quality of equipment and installation is the hallmark of all our products.  
  • Eco-friendly. Barrel saunas are made only of cedarwood without using harmful chemical impregnations. Inside the sauna, floors, trapezes, shelves are treated with special protective oil-based on beeswax. The walls outside are painted with paints or oils of your choice of color, Finnish Tikkurila or German Biofa.
  • Minimal production time. Your mobile bath will be delivered in a few days after your order. Installation of the ready construction also takes minimum time. We have taken the best technologies of production, packing, and transportation to offer you the best service.
  • Easy to use. You can use your barrel sauna all year round, despite weather conditions. Two loads of good wood will heat the room to 80 °C in 30-40 minutes.

Have you ever dreamed of a real sauna? Our round sauna kits will help you make that dream come true. Want to ask us some questions? Enquire now, and our specialists will contact you to answer all your questions!