Barrel Sauna Features

Cedar Life barrel sauna’s features

The main feature of the barrel sauna is easy to understand from the name. It is a construction shaped like a barrel: round ends are connected by boards and tightened with metal hoops. There are also oval and square-shaped portable saunas. Although the diameter and length of the sauna can be different, the size determines the capacity of the sauna and the number of rooms. The most popular sizes of portable saunas are about 2-2.5 meters, but you can choose from 2 to 6 meters and more. The doors in the barrel sauna are made of wood or tempered glass. A wood-burning stove is installed in the steam room.

The most compact saunas have only a steam room for 1-2 people. The more spacious options can include a shower zone, relaxation room, and other rooms. They are separated from each other with wooden walls. It will be possible to connect plumbing and electricity to the sauna.

The internal space of the barrel sauna is not much different from the classic steam room, but it will cost much cheaper, and the building itself takes a minimum of your territory. The first barrel sauna kits were invented in Finland. This country has a very developed culture of visiting saunas. Combining the sauna with traditional Finnish utility made it possible to create a unique and compact version of modern barrel sauna kits.

Years ago, if you wanted to have your sauna, you would have to build it from sketch, hire a construction company, or try to do it yourself. But today, many people agree that it is easier and more affordable to buy a ready-made kit to assemble a compact sauna barrel. So, in addition to the different sizes and configurations of freestanding complexes, you have the opportunity to find an even smaller solution – phyto-saunas. Moreover, Phyto-sauna can be placed even inside the house, without constructing a separate building.

Well, if you still want to have a separate zone for relaxation and recreation, you can order a barrel sauna on our website. You will get your sauna in the shortest time, and our specialists will do the assembly under your control. To get acquainted with the types of sauna barrels and possible equipment, you can explore them in the catalog on our website.

More about the size of saunas

cedar sauna size

The size of the design is chosen with several factors in mind: the estimated number of visitors, the amount of space available, and the price. It is clear that the smaller sauna is, the cheaper it will cost, but it will be less spacious.

Barrel saunas can be divided into three categories according to their dimensions:

  1. Mini-saunas. Their length is about 2-2.6 m, length of the steam room 1.8-1.9 m, weight about 0.5 t. Such construction is designed for 2-4 people. Therefore, it is ideal if you have limited space to install the sauna and if you do not plan to invite many guests to the sauna.
  2. Standard saunas have 3-3.5 m long, and they can cover most consumers’ needs. Such structures weigh about 1.1-1.3 tons. The advantage is that it is possible to place an extra room in addition to the steam room. It is convenient to use as a recreation area or space for changing, as well as additional room helps to retain heat in the steam room better.
  3. Spacious saunas from 3.5 m can become a SPA complex on the territory of your home. They will include everything you want, and you can find the equipment list of large sauna barrels in our catalog.

If you are unsure which sauna to choose, ask our managers for the advice! They will be glad to help you and answer all your questions.