Cedar sauna accessories: use, storage, and care

Cedar sauna accessories: use, storage, and care

If you decide to put a cedar sauna near your home, you’ll also want to choose cedar sauna accessories. So what are the benefits of cedar, and how to properly care for cedar accessories?

Benefits of cedarwood

Cedarwood produces phytoncides and other biologically active substances that kill disease-causing microbes. Also, cedar has a pleasant aroma, a pinkish-ochre color, and a unique texture. In warm and high humidity conditions, it emits a lot of useful substances. That’s why cedar boards are great material for a modern sauna. In addition, cedar is often used to produce furniture, interior elements, barrel sauna accessories, and tableware. 

Cedar sauna accessories care

Cedarwood, like any other natural material, requires proper care. If you want to buy a cedar sauna kit accessories (washer, tub, or even a beer mug) for long time usage, follow few rules: 

  1. Before you start using it, if the product is made of well-dried wood, it should not leak water initially. But the manufacturer may not comply with the technology. Sometimes storage conditions can be violated while the product is on the counter. If your purchased product leaks, it is recommended to put it in cold water for 2-3 hours and then rinse it with hot and cold water alternately. You can even soak the surface of the product with linseed or other vegetable oil. Many manufacturers sell products already soaked in oil. 
  2. To prevent the product from drying out, do not leave it out in the sun or near a hot stove in your modern sauna for too long. After use, drain the water, and store it in a relatively cool place, away from the stove. 
  3. Never leave cedar accessories with water or other liquid in the cold! Water expands when it turns into ice, which deforms the item.
  4. Make sure the bottom of the cedar product is regularly ventilated and dried. If it is impossible to turn the product upside down regularly, it should always stand on planks, bricks, or other support that allows ventilation. 
  5. Disinfect the product before using it again if it comes into contact with food. You have to disinfect it too if there is something slim or green on the wood. The inside surface should first be rinsed with hot water and baking soda, then clean and rinsed with cold water. After this, fill the product with boiling water to one-third of the volume and put a few firs, spruce, or other coniferous twigs into the boiling water. Close the product with the lid, wrap it in a blanket or several layers of cloth and leave it for a few hours.  

If the product is not used for a long time, it is better to store it in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight. If it is not possible to find such a place, mold may form on the walls of the product because of high humidity. In this case, the product should be periodically wiped with a solution of acetic acid and dried. 

Follow these simple rules for your cedar sauna kit accessories, and your tubs, pots, and buckets will serve you for many years!