Cedar sauna kit

Cedar sauna kit for your garden

Barrel sauna makes an impression even in the photo, and in real life, it looks much better. Its design blends seamlessly into the garden landscape, but that’s not the most important thing. The main thing is that you get the opportunity to visit the sauna without leaving your plot all year round. Thanks to the improved ancient technology, barrel saunas show fast heating and slow cooling even without insulation. A cedar sauna kit does not need a foundation, and it can be assembled without capital construction. A barrel sauna kit is the easiest way to organize an authentic Finnish sauna.

Cedar sauna kit is a practical solution.

To build a typical sauna, you will have to face many challenges. First, you will need to buy materials and invite a construction crew, and that’s just one stage. You may even need to get a building permit, and only after that will construction begin. 

A portable barrel sauna doesn’t require all of this, as it will be enough to assemble it in the desired location. You just make an order, and everything you need will be delivered right to your plot of land. It is effortless to assemble a cedar sauna, and if necessary, it can be disassembled and transported anywhere. 

Aesthetic and functional cedar sauna

Those who are thinking about building a sauna can abandon the idea because they do not want to damage their garden. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible not to ruin the landscape design during construction. However, you can avoid this by installing a portable sauna on the plot. Moreover, its appearance can be a jewel in your garden.

A cedar sauna creates a sense of being close to nature, and it looks miniature and eye-catching. Round shapes always look incredibly stylish and unusual.

The unusual shape of the barrel is directly related to the functional advantages. In such a sauna, there are no draughts and cold floors. Natural convection mode provides uniform heating of the air. The heat is not concentrated at the top but goes down the walls and mixes with the cold air at the bottom. Thus, your steam room sessions will be warm and comfortable at any time of year.

Benefits of cedar sauna kits

You can find plenty of positive characteristics in portable saunas, such as these:

  1. A barrel sauna can be assembled in just a few hours.
  2. A cost-effective solution. The more thorough the sauna is, the harder it is to heat it. The fact that ordinary saunas need to be heated for a long time before using them makes them unprofitable because it takes many resources to warm them. A small room heats up much faster. You will save both money and time.
  3. You are mistaken if you think that such a construction cannot be used for a long time. The longevity of the sauna is directly related to the breach in the wood. Barrel saunas do not have cracks because of the special technology of connecting the boards. The wood can expand when heated and smoothly decrease when cooled, without forming cracks in the structure. Moisture does not gather in the corners, so the cedar sauna does not suffer from fungus, mold, and musty odor. If the barrel has no contact with the ground – it will not rot or fall apart, even in adverse climates. 

Cedar barrel sauna will give you an unforgettable experience. Just imagine how you will enjoy the sauna sessions, breathing in the healing cedar aroma. To feel it as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our managers.