cedar sauna accessories

Choosing the right accessories for the perfect cedar sauna atmosphere

With high-quality sauna accessories, you can customize your cedar sauna. This will make every visit to the sauna a unique experience that you will remember for a long time with pleasure. Accessories generally include all non-technical components of a sauna necessary for the procedure or make the sauna session more comfortable. These include:

  • measuring devices,
  • clocks,
  • sauna stones,
  • sauna whisks, etc.

Only with the proper accessories the sauna visit becomes perfect. Fragrance concentrates (e.g., sandalwood, mandarin, blood orange) also create a unique experience. Sauna whisks are one of the most popular sauna accessories. With the right choice of sauna accessories, you can create a unique sauna atmosphere.

sauna accessories

How to find high-quality modern sauna accessories?

The quality of raw materials primarily determines the accessory quality. A higher quality causes higher prices, but the products will have a much longer life and durability. Therefore, we recommend modern sauna accessories made of high-quality woods such as larch, spruce, or cedarwood and resistant metals such as stainless steel and copper.

Sauna stones

The sauna stones have an essential role in every sauna session. Good stones provide the right and stable climate in the cedar barrel sauna. Stones placed on the sauna heater accumulate heat and release it into the surrounding air. The length of the sauna heater stones can be up to 10 cm. To maintain high temperatures, they must have a high density and appropriate heat resistance.

When you pour water over the stones with the ladle, it cools the stone. This process generates steam that evenly circulates throughout your sauna room. The most common is the so-called granite stones. Depending on the intensity of use, sauna rocks need to be replaced from time to time.

Sauna bucket and ladleка

A sauna bucket and ladle are two important sauna helpers. First, you can add any sauna fragrance to the water in the bucket if desired. Then you can use the water to pour it over the hot sauna stones with the ladle. A classic sauna bucket is made of wood. Different types of wood are used for the production of buckets. However, tubs made of plastic, copper, and stainless steel are also popular. The ladle is included in many cases. However, you can also purchase both elements separately. There is a diverse selection of materials, shapes, and designs, just as with the bucket.

sauna thermometer


Sauna thermometers are one of the most important purchases. The thermometer measures the temperature in the steam room and indicates when the desired temperature is reached. For example, a sauna at 60 to 75 degrees is called a bio-sauna or low-temperature sauna, while traditional cedar barrel sauna sessions imply temperatures between 85 and 95 degrees.

sauna hygrometer


In addition to a sauna thermometer, many saunas have a hygrometer that displays the humidity in the steam room. Therefore, devices that combine the thermometer and hygrometer in one unit are more convenient. The heat-resistant thermometers and hygrometers, for hanging or standing, are available in various designs. The most common choice is wooden-framed devices.