Barrel Sauna Kit

Guide to Buying Your Barrel Sauna Kit

Owning your sauna gives you a lot of benefits. First, it is an easy way to relieve stress that is only a couple of meters away from your house. Visiting the sauna also brings about physical relaxation. Another benefit is that you don’t have to share the space with strangers, so you don’t have to worry about spreading infections or fungus. Nowadays, modern barrel saunas kits are so affordable and easy to buy that it sounds very appealing to buy a sauna barrel for yourself.

The biggest challenge is choosing the proper sauna for your needs – especially if you haven’t decided on them yet. But we’ve created this guide so that you can navigate through the different features, accessories, and parameters. After reading, you will be more informed about the barrel sauna’s varieties, and we hope you’ll find out which sauna features are ideal for you.

What Kind of Heater to Choose?

There are several common choices for sauna heaters. For example, there are traditional and time-honored solutions, such as a wood-burning stove. Many people choose this option, but it is not the only one. 

Besides wood stoves, there are electric heaters that also cope well with heating small spaces. This option is suitable for saunas up to 6-7′ in size. An electric heater is easy to use, and it also maintains the set temperature. However, to install one, you will need to contact a licensed electrician.

Wood heaters are still considered the more popular type of heater. All because of the fast and efficient heating they can produce, simplicity of installation, wonderful ambiance, and traditional use.

Does the Wood Matter?

More often, sellers offer customers sauna barrels made of three popular types of wood:

Cedar Barrel Sauna

Cedar is the best solution for a barrel sauna because of its fantastic aroma, resistance to decay, durability, and insect repellent properties. In addition, it is stable even in extreme weather conditions, so it is suitable for outdoor areas, where it can be sizzling or freezing conditions. Its color, fragrance, and resilience also determine a comparable price. 

Spruce Round Sauna

It is a lovely light-colored wood with dense knots, which gives the barrel sauna a rustic look. The main advantage is that it is a very affordable wood for a barrel sauna kit.

Fir Portable Sauna

Another common wood is fir because of its price and its ability to harden over the years. You can choose this wood for indoor and infrared saunas, but it is unsuitable for outdoor use. Its disadvantage is that it is less resistant to decay than cedar, so a fir sauna barrel will not serve long.

What Else Should I Consider?

Besides the size, wood, and type of heater, you can customize some of the features of your sauna barrel to your liking:

  1. Change Room

In the sauna configuration, you can add a small interior room to be used as a changing room before and after your sessions.

The room is helpful because you and your guests can leave your personal belongings, change clothes or even relax before returning to the steam room. The changing room also creates a buffer zone between the heater room and the outside, so the heat will escape much more slowly when you use the door.

  1. Roof Protection

Modern barrel saunas are designed for outdoor use, so they have roof protection and keep water from seeping in. But if you live in a humid environment, your area gets heavy snowfalls or downpours, you will have more peace of mind knowing that your sauna is more securely protected.

A reinforced roof will give your barrel sauna extra safety, durability and extend its life, regardless of the weather conditions around it.


Portable barrel saunas appeal because you don’t need a lot of time to build them. From the moment you receive your order, it only takes a few hours to assemble your sauna. That’s just one more reason to order a barrel sauna today!