Cedar Sauna

How many years can a cedar sauna be in use?

Barrel cedar saunas are becoming more popular every year. More people hear about them, more reviews appear on the Internet, and more questions appear. Before buying a barrel sauna, everyone has a question about how long it will last.

The compactness of the barrel sauna does not negate the fact that it is modern and durable. Modern barrel saunas are also very functional and provide a long service life. Here are four points that determine the longevity of the portable sauna

  1. Quality of production materials
  2. Production technology and equipment
  3. The correct assembly process, fitting of parts, quality control
  4. The proper usage and care of the barrel sauna

As you can see, the lifespan of a sauna barrel depends on several factors. Let’s discuss each of them in more detail.

Quality of the original materials

The longevity of a barrel sauna depends on the quality of the materials from which it is made. Since the wooden structure’s rots cause by high moisture, the wood is pre-dried. The high-quality drying process removes water from the wood, and this process stabilizes the barrel’s geometry and improves its immunity to destructive bacteria. The wood destruction is caused by microorganisms that grow at a humidity of 20% or more. By the way, not every wood is suitable for making barrel saunas. Our cedar barrel saunas are the best solution if you want to buy a sauna barrel that will work for you for many years.

Manufacturing technology, equipment

A barrel sauna must have a proper design to avoid high humidity. The furnace can either be placed entirely inside the steam room or go outside. An indoor furnace allows you to dry the sauna faster and more efficiently, because in this case, it works as an extractor, pulling the resulting humid air outward. All elements of the room must be designed so that moisture is not retained. At the lowest points, there should be drainage holes and the possibility of easy drying – the service life of the barrel sauna increases due to the reliable protection against external moisture.

The correct assembly process, fitting all details, quality-control

To install a small portable sauna, you do not need to prepare the foundation. The structure is assembled on a flat surface, placed on special supports. These supports eliminate the barrel sauna’s contact with the ground, which eases water drainage and increases lifespan. The floor is collected from the wooden panels and forms a rounded shape, due to which the moisture easily removes.

Proper operation and maintenance of the round sauna barrel

If you want to buy a round sauna barrel, it is worth knowing the recommendations for the operation and care of it. An essential point in the care becomes the drying of the room. To ensure that the moisture does not remain in the steam room, you need to open the inner doors and vents after completing water procedures. Throw 2-3 logs in the furnace and heat it. Part of the moisture will leave through the chimney, and the other will evaporate due to natural ventilation. The lifetime of the cedar sauna will be longer if you will always dry it after each visit.