cedar barrel sauna

How to choose and arrange a cedar barrel sauna

The frantic pace of modern man makes us look for his sources of relaxation and recreation. An excellent way to fully restore your vitality and health can be a cedar barrel sauna. Inside, a person relieves accumulated fatigue, rests, and can improve his health. Especially relevant is the question of building a cedar barrel sauna for villagers or owners of country houses. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a pleasure, like having a private sauna near the home. Someone does not have enough money to equip it. Someone is lazy and does not want to spend their time and energy building a sauna. For many people, the sauna remains a pipe dream because there is not enough space for it.

Solving all these problems in one fell swoop is quite simple. Ready barrel saunas will come to the rescue. A barrel-shaped sauna is an invention of the Finns, which allows the budgeting and practical arrangement of a private sauna. Recently, a barrel sauna has been gaining popularity among consumers, and this fact has many reasons.

The choice of materials for the barrel saunas

The essential thing in the interior is to wrap it with suitable types of wood. For a barrel sauna, construction materials must be selected at the design stage. 

  1. Oak is the strongest, hardest, and most durable wood. Even moisture does not destroy it but only makes it stronger. The oak cut has a beautiful, exciting decoration. The main disadvantage of oak wood is its cost. Building a sauna from oak is a costly pleasure, not everyone can afford it;
  2. The most famous tree for building a sauna is linden. It has medicinal properties, so it is helpful to go from linden to the steam bath if you suffer from respiratory diseases. It is also worth noting that therapeutic linden pairs perfectly cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. The Linden log barrel perfectly retains heat and is easy to work with. The disadvantages of using linden wood are low water resistance. The tree very quickly begins to rot and collapse from a fungus.

It is worth paying attention to aspen wood for those who want to equip a sauna barrel on their premises but have a minimal budget. In its strength, it is very similar to linden, but at the same time, aspen log buildings can withstand moisture much better, do not crack, do not change their shape.

The best option for a cedar sauna kit is the so-called “sauna” species. Oak is a perfect choice.

Features and varieties of cedar sauna kits

Every owner of a summer house or a country house dreams of such a steam bath. To equip a barrel sauna with your own hands, you do not have to spend time and effort on constructing the foundation. It is also worth noting that due to the small size, you can equip this type of sauna at any point of the site and move to a new place if desired. The cedar sauna kit is easy to transport around the site and far beyond its boundaries. 

After careful study of the appearance of the barrel, it should be noted that its interior does not differ significantly from the interior of a classic wooden sauna. The barrel sauna usually has a washroom with a shower and a steam room. The steam in a sauna creates a unique atmosphere. Water falling on a hot, hot surface makes such an amount of steam that penetrates every body cell and thoroughly cleanses it. Suppose you use in the steam room not only pure water but also tinctures from medicinal herbs. In that case, steam acquires healing properties that positively affect the respiratory system and generally improve the person’s immunity.