Barrel Saunas

How to Maintain Barrel Saunas

If you plan to buy a barrel sauna or you already have one, you must be wondering how to maintain your sauna. We have some helpful tips that will keep your sauna fresh, clean, and attractive.

Cleaning Exterior of Cedar Barrel Sauna

If you want your barrel sauna to stay eye-catching for a long time, start with the exterior. We use beautiful solid wood in our saunas so that the cedar barrel sauna can serve long and be a pleasure to look at. But any wood can become blemished over time by sunlight and rainfall. This doesn’t affect the functionality of your cedar sauna, but if you want to renew its brilliant appearance, here are a few tips:

  1. Wash the outside of your outdoor barrel sauna under low pressure. The best time for this cleaning is in the fall and spring. This is the perfect time to put your energy into cleaning your sauna. If your outdoor barrel sauna is several years old, this kind of wash will help bring back the pure color of the cedar. For those who have just bought their sauna, this is a great way to prevent it. It’s best to wash your sauna inside and out with a low-pressure washer. This cleaning will help remove stains and restore the cedar to its original appearance. 
  2. To protect the wood from the sun, apply a stain to the outer surface of the outdoor barrel sauna. The stain contains a UV inhibitor. White solid cedar used for exterior saunas is functional and beautiful. But almost any material can’t withstand prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays, which causes it to lose its appearance. If you are comfortable with that, you don’t need to do anything about it. But if you want to keep your sauna looking fresh for years to come, we recommend using a UV inhibitor. This is the only reliable way to resist the sun’s rays. If you don’t use a stain, the cedar wood may start to turn gray 6-12 months after your sauna is installed.

If you decide to stain your cedar barrel sauna outside, consider this:

Your local paint store can probably recommend one of the appropriate cedar stains. But don’t forget to tell the salesperson that it’s cedar you’re talking about.

Never use varnish, paint or stain on the interior.

Never paint or varnish the outside of the sauna.

Washing Interior of Barrel Sauna

Inside the sauna, it is necessary to wipe the surfaces with a dust cloth or a damp cloth. It will help to remove any dust that may have settled for a week.

It is important to keep the inside of your sauna tidy because you are doing wellness treatments inside. To keep the interior clean, follow these instructions:

  1. Clean up all dirt, dust, and other debris with a vacuum cleaner or broom.
  2. Use warm water to wipe the wooden benches. You may add lemon essential oil to the water. This will provide an antibacterial effect and fill the sauna with a pleasant scent. 
  3. If a strong stain appears, you can gently use fine-grit sandpaper.
  4. Benches will stay clean longer if you wear a towel when you sit on them.

For periodic maintenance, you should check the stones of your stove. They can be removed from the oven, rinsed, and inspected for cracks and chips. It is better not to use damaged stones, and instead, you should replace them with new ones.

If you have any questions about the maintenance of barrel saunas, don’t hesitate to contact us!