How to Use GRILL D Barrel Sauna Wood Stove

How to Use GRILL D Barrel Sauna Wood Stove

Forty years ago, the most popular solution for the sauna was brick stoves. But, they were massive and heavy, as one stove required more than 100 kg of bricks. Moreover, it took half a day to heat such a wood-burning stove, so the firewood consumption was high. But saunas are changing, and so are stoves. Manufacturers of wood-burning stoves began to offer cost-effective, modern, and compact devices. 

The Grill’D Aurora stove is one of these modern solutions. The oven allows you to keep wood burning for a long time. It is durable and does not deform during exploitation because of the steel thickness of 3-5 mm. The Grill’D stove is safe and specifically designed for small barrel saunas up to 16 square meters. However, the practice has shown that its power is sufficient for much larger areas. All Cedar Life saunas use Grill’D wood-burning stoves. With these wood-burning stoves, our customers do not have any difficulties in use. 

Preparing to install the stove

If you want to use your wood-burning stove long and reliably, you need to install it properly.

  1. Grill D Aurora stove should be pre-fired outdoors according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid smoke in the steam room in the future.
  2. After firing, the boiler can be installed in the prepared place.
  3. Then, according to the instructions, it is necessary to assemble the water tank and fix the pipe.

To avoid difficulties with installing the pipe, you must first assemble it, then insert it into the hole through the roof.

Why do we recommend a wood-burning stove?

There are different stoves, and they can be classified according to the type of fuel:

  1. Coal;
  2. Gas;
  3. Electricity;
  4. Wood.

Coal, at first glance, seems like an attractive solution for a portable sauna. However, coal does not burn the same way as wood. Once lit, it gives off the first portion of heat fast and then smolders for a long time. This way is suitable for heating your home, but not for a portable sauna.

Electricity won’t give you the heat you need in a cedar sauna. Compared to coal, electricity, and gas, wood is almost perfect. They are not explosive, provide a long steady burn, and are relatively inexpensive. Firewood can be substituted for other solid fuels (not coal, but wood products), such as fuel pellets.

Choose the proper wood

The worst firewood for kindling is coniferous wood. It gives little heat and leaves soot in the chimney and on the stones of the stove. Because of this, the stove will receive less oxygen over time, and therefore the burning process will not be as effective. 

To heat the cedar sauna quickly and keep it warm for a long time, you have to choose firewood from hardwood. The best for the sauna are hornbeam, oak, maple, ash, beech, pear, cherry. These types of wood are denser than other hardwoods. Consequently, the logs will burn for a long time while releasing a significant amount of heat.

Use your stove correctly, and then your barrel sauna will last a long time and will please you with hot steam!