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Indoor Cedar Sauna

Get out of everyday life into your new cedar sauna! When daily stress, pressure, and time rush are getting more robust, more people long for relaxation. If this is about you, learn more about our outdoor and indoor cedar saunas! We offer you great quality at a reasonable price with an excellent performance ratio. We use high-class cedarwood for both the interior and exterior of our cedar barrel saunas and cabins.

The Wood for a Modern Sauna

The cedar is the best choice for building any modern sauna. It contains an aromatic oil that has a disinfecting effect during use. It also helps to remove excess body fluids. Clear western cedar is unique because the color spectrum varies from a light honey color to a deep walnut color. In addition, because western cedar is a softwood species, it does not react to high-temperature fluctuations.

Perfect Design of Modern Cedar Sauna

The design of our saunas is well thought out to the last detail. Therefore, you can get the whole sauna experience almost immediately after installation. Aso, we can find a suitable model for you on request and manufacture your dream sauna precisely according to your needs. If you are interested, you can send us a request, and we will help you with an offer.

Assembly and Installation

If you order a sauna barrel or cabin at our website, we also offer you a professional assembly and installation service. It’s very convenient, fast, and professional.

It is better to place the indoor sauna in a large room. Basements and guest houses cabins are also suitable. Sometimes sauna cabins are installed under a canopy outside, but it is better to avoid this option and choose a barrel sauna if you want to install it outside. If you need a standalone outdoor sauna, go to the portable barrel sauna category, and you’ll find what you need.

The main components of the cedar sauna kit

When you purchase a cedar sauna kit at Cedar Life, you get a fully-equipped functional modern sauna. You will have everything you need, including:

  • Wood Burning stove;
  • Flue pipe
  • Heatshield;
  • Insulated glass windows;
  • Cedar benches;
  • A hot water tank and other components will be installed in your sauna.

You can find a complete list of the scope of supply under the product description on our website.

About Cedar Life

Cedar Life has specialized in the production of high-quality wellness products such as modern saunas. With a Cedar Life sauna, you get a perfect modern sauna that will give you pleasure for a long time. The well-thought-out and easy-to-use make it an excellent choice for any family. 

At Cedar Life, we offer you a comprehensive range of cedar sauna kits, for example:

If you have any questions or feel unsure about choosing the proper sauna, leave your application on our website or Instagram. We will contact you and give you a complete answer to all your questions.

Fulfill the dream of your relaxing sauna at home. We guarantee professional advice and excellent service before and after the purchase of your sauna.