portable sauna for a vacation home

Portable Sauna for a Vacation Home

A perfect barrel-shaped sauna is an inexpensive and beautiful alternative to constructing a sauna building. Modern insulation materials make it possible to insulate a portable sauna and use it all year round. In addition, the small size and high efficiency of the wood-burning stove help keep the temperature in the steam room at a high level, despite the severe frost outside the window. 

What Kind of Barrel Sauna Canada to Choose for the Country House?

To make the right choice, you have to determine the parameters of the barrel sauna Canada. It will be helpful to know in advance under what conditions and in what mode the sauna should work. The first problem that the residents of a country house may have is that there is simply no large empty plot on the territory of the house that can be used for the construction of a sauna.

Therefore, it is essential for the sauna:

  1. To be compact and do not take up much space.
  2. To perform its primary function (the basis of the sauna is the steam room, everything else is just an addition).
  3. To be mobile (in case the house is sold or we move, it will be possible to move it to another place)
  4. Not to require a lot of time for construction and maintenance, to heat up quickly.

In addition to all of the above, we have other arguments for choosing a barrel sauna.

Ecological Living

The barrel cedar sauna is made of wood, so it will not harm the environment. For the construction, we choose high-quality materials. Wood is a renewable resource and safe to use. The round shape of the barrel sauna provides rational use of space. The volume of space is less than in the square models, which allows you to use less firewood for the same degree of heating the room. For good heating of a small round sauna, 8-10 logs are enough.

Portable Sauna Adaptability

A small cedar sauna is easy to adapt for use in almost any space. In our catalog, you can find saunas for indoor use. More often than not, phyto-saunas with electric heaters are purchased for indoor use.

Easy Assembly

Barrel sauna kits can be delivered already assembled or as separate elements. The unique manufacturing technology of sauna barrels makes it easy to build a sauna in just a few hours. The base for your barrel sauna kit can be: 

  • ground, 
  • decking, 
  • concrete, 
  • outdoor tile,
  • or asphalt.

You can install the structure on almost any hard and flat surface due to its low weight. However, we recommend preparing the place for installation in advance and not installing the cedar sauna on the ground. Other surfaces will help your wooden saun to work much longer.

Beauty and Comfort

Wood is a very aesthetic building material, and it also gives you a variety of advantages. For example, the floor will be warm, unlike the concrete floors typical in ordinary saunas. In addition, the furnishing of the cedar sauna will include everything you need, with each element looking authentic and cozy because of the cedarwood. Natural, eco-friendly, aesthetic, and comfortable – you’ll love your sauna at first sight!