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Round Barrel Sauna: Classic Outdoor Saunas Design

Did you know that barrel saunas are Cedar Life’s area of expertise? Our catalogue is full of sauna designs for a reason. You probably want a round barrel sauna if you’re looking for outdoor saunas. And here’s why this is an excellent option. 

Reason 1: The barrel design heats up more quickly

This form is the best design for the sauna, and science confirms it. Think of a box-shaped room; the corners waste your space. Those empty corners in cabin-style saunas require additional heating. After being reduced in size, there is less surface area to heat, so the room warms up more quickly. 

Reason 2: Heat distributes evenly 

A sauna with a box-shaped room has a top where heat rises and gathers. On the other hand, a barrel-shaped sauna’s curved walls force the heat back down the sides, dispersing it more evenly. 

Reason 3: The wood

Various types of hardware are frequently installed to hold the pieces of a cabin-style sauna together. Although it may make them sturdy, the wood is still unable to expand and contract. On the other hand, our barrel saunas are put together using a tongue-and-groove method and secured using a stainless steel band and little hardware. As the room warms up, the wood creates a tight seal that releases as it cools. The same function is advantageous when there are changes in the outside temperature and humidity. 

Reason 4: Safe Design 

Rain and snow usually fall right off, but thanks to the sauna’s strong construction, it can also withstand any snow that sticks. Additionally, we recommend that you assemble your sauna at a slight elevation so that the wood does not touch the ground, so your outdoor sauna will protect from moisture. 

Reason 5: Energy Efficiency 

Barrel saunas are incredibly energy-efficient because of the quicker heating and even heat distribution. For better insulation, Cedar Life also uses high-quality wood. 

Reason 6: Your comfort 

While sitting on the bench, your back will be comfortable because of the rounded edges that naturally cradle your back. However, the length of a barrel sauna also allows you to stretch out on a bench lengthwise, providing flat back support. 

Reason 7: Aesthetic 

The traditional Scandinavian style is understated yet sophisticated. Your sauna can be tucked away in a natural setting and blend in seamlessly, or you can landscape around it to make it the center of attention. Finding a suitable design is simple because Cedar Life offers several variations of outdoor sauna for sale with features like porches and floor-to-ceiling windows. Discover more about our saunas here. 

Reason 8: Our priority is your satisfaction 

Contact us when you choose the ideal outdoor sauna for sale, and we’ll do everything else. Our outdoor saunas with a wood-burning stove come with a warranty and will work for your enjoyment for years. 

Buy outdoor sauna 

Please contact us if you have any questions about our outdoor saunas. When you’re ready to place an order and buy outdoor sauna, browse our entire selection of barrel saunas to find the one that’s best for you.