Rules and Tips for Visiting a Barrel Sauna Canada

A barrel sauna Canada can be used by people of all ages. But you need to know that older adults, children, and those who came to the steam room for the first time shouldn’t immediately climb to the top shelf. The heat below is enough for them. It is better to wear a felt cap on your head.

Don’t go to the sauna earlier than an hour or two after meals. Before the barrel sauna, you shouldn’t drink many fluids, and you should completely abstain from alcohol. Also, don’t go to the sauna with an empty stomach. If you had to work hard and for a long time, you should rest a little beforehand. You may have some tea, eat some fruit or vegetables. In 15-20 minutes, make a freshly brewed herbal tea. Heat a kettle so you can drink hot tea in-between steaming.

Prepare cotton sheets for each person going to the cedar sauna and blankets of linen or cotton fabric about 1000×700 mm in size. Lay the blankets on the hot boards in the steam room so that you won’t get scalded.

A sequence of steps

If you haven’t yet found your ritual of visiting the cedar sauna, try doing it in this way:

  1. Before entering the steam room, rinse your body with warm water. Don’t wet your head.
  2. The first session of steaming should be short. Lie on the shelf for 3-5 minutes to warm up the body. Move slowly and gently.
  3. After each session, have a rest for 10-15 minutes. You can wrap your body with a sheet, and during this time, drink hot tea in small sips. Your body will produce a lot of sweat, that’s why you need a sheet.

You can use homemade sauna accessories, such as a prepared broom, during your subsequent sessions. You can increase the total time in the steam room to 15-35 minutes. For people with lower health, this time should be no more than 12-15 minutes.


In between steaming procedures, you can try cold dousing, rubbing with snow, or swimming in a pool of ice water. The contrast temperatures normalize the heart rate and harden the body. Snow and ice baths should be no more than two times.

If you have decided to harden, it’s necessary to completely immerse yourself in the cold and never forget your head. In the steam room, vessels in the head and body are greatly expanded, and when you plunge into a pool, your body cools, and the blood vessels narrow quickly. The blood tends to go where the blood vessels are dilated. This will cause headaches, malaise, sluggishness, and discomfort after the barrel sauna.

What is better not to do in the cedar sauna

If you like to use homemade sauna accessories such as a broom in the sauna until you get body stains, this is a big mistake. The appearance of red spots on the human body is an indication that the body overheated and there was a violation of blood microcirculation. In the process of steaming, the color of the skin should be only pink. If red stains appear, you should immediately stop using the steam room.

You may take a shower with soap only when you have finished steaming. Soap makes the skin completely dry; in combination with hot steam, it can worsen its condition.

Contraindications to steaming

The barrel sauna is strictly contraindicated to pregnant women, people with heart diseases and recently suffered a stroke, people with anemia, patients with epilepsy, Botkin’s disease, asthma, cancer patients, and those who have had brain injuries.

If you have dilated blood vessels on your skin, then the sauna is contraindicated to you. These blood vessels have lost their ability to constrict, so to prevent them from dilating, you need to avoid anything that can activate the blood supply to your skin.

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