portable sauna

Six reasons to buy a portable sauna

A portable sauna barrel is something new and unfamiliar to most people. Although barrel saunas are already gaining popularity worldwide, they will become as common as a swimming pool in a few years. The appearance of the building is impressive with its design and blends seamlessly into any landscape. You can use it all year round, so that makes the sauna barrel versatile. Furthermore, choosing different options allows you to buy a modern sauna, depending on your individual needs. Below you will find six more reasons why the modern sauna barrel is becoming more popular every year.

Sauna without Construction

You don’t have to build a sauna on your property from scratch to use it. With a barrel sauna kit, you get a ready-made portable sauna that you can assemble anywhere on your plot. The barrel sauna kit does not need a foundation in its usual sense. It takes just a couple of hours to assemble the sauna from the kit. Connecting electricity and utilities also takes a minimum of time. No construction is needed, which means no need to:

  • Buy building materials additionally,
  • Search for a construction company,
  • Supervise the process of construction for weeks,
  • Remove construction waste.

By choosing a portable sauna, you avoid the annoyance of building a standard sauna.

No foundation

Buying a portable sauna means acting fast. This structure has no foundation, so it does not require complex preparations. The structure can be installed on:

  • Screw piles,
  • Сrushed stone,
  • Paving slabs,
  • Decking boards.

Remember that the installation place should be level, and there should be no contact of the barrel with the ground. These are all requirements for the site. You can prepare it at any time of the year.

The ability to move your  portable sauna

You may want to relocate your portable sauna out of town for the entire summer or to move with your sauna to a new house. It will be easy for you because a portable barrel sauna is not bound to a place forever. Don’t worry, your sauna won’t suffer from travel.

Advantages of the round shape

Modern saunas look very unusual and picturesque because of their shape and material. They are designed in a rustic style and make a unique atmosphere of closeness to nature. However, the original look is just the first thing that catches your eye. The round sauna is easy to use, as evidenced by the reviews of the barrel saunas. In winter, thin walls warm up faster (they are more effective than the thick logs of a standard sauna). And although the design of the barrel does not imply any insulation, cedarwood keeps the air from cooling down.

The semi-circular steam room is very cozy. It is easy to relax and feel comfortable in it. The absence of sharp corners eliminates the accumulation of moisture and the formation of damp zones. This is important because these zones are difficult to dry, so they become an attractive place for the fungus to spread. In the round portable sauna, it is always dry and warm because the cold and hot air is evenly mixed due to the natural circulation of air.

Cedar barrel sauna

Finnish saunas have been made of cedar for centuries. Cedar has resistant to rot. Also, it is durable and reliable. Cedarwood is suitable for saunas because it is resin-free. At the same time, the cedar aroma will fill a small room and create an aromatherapy effect. Cedar does not attract insects and not susceptible to mold. Cedar is considered one of the best construction materials.

Reasonable price for a portable sauna

If you compare the cost of a regular sauna and a portable sauna, the result will favor the last one. This is because a standard sauna requires time, money, and the constant presence of experienced builders. 

Modern barrel saunas are the fulfillment of your dreams but without any difficulties. Portable barrel saunas are efficient, reliable, profitable, and attractive, thanks to the combination of modern and traditional technologies.