The advantages and benefits of the barrel saunas

Classic at its best. The open-air barrel sauna is a simple, practical, and beautiful way to upgrade your garden. The main advantage of the barrel saunas is compactness, which makes them ideal even for a small area. Cedar is a unique material combined with the original round shape of the sauna that will decorate the territory while becoming its central aesthetic point. In addition, the design is time-tested based on traditional Scandinavian solutions.

Advantages of the cedar barrel sauna

First of all, you should know that cedar barrel saunas are a novelty on the modern market and an absolute hit. Compared to the classic version, an outdoor barrel sauna can be much more practical. Many advantages come with the round shape of the sauna.

The main advantages of the design:

  1. The barrel sauna is taking up minimal space, but it still can accommodate up to 8-10 people.
  2. The round sauna heats up very quickly, and since the surface of its contact with the ground is negligible, heat is slowly released.
  3. The steam is kept inside the cedar barrel for a longer time. For this reason, you do not have to worry about sufficient room temperature constantly.
  4. Models of this type are lightweight and easy to assemble. They also can be easily reassembled anywhere in the garden.
  5. Fuel consumption is 20% lower than in a traditional sauna due to the high heating coefficient and the absence of sharp corners that impede warm air circulation.
  6. The space inside the sauna has the maximum usable area.

We use highly durable natural materials that are weather-resistant and provide excellent thermal insulation. We’ve created a perfect design that future owners can customize for individual preferences.

Beneficial properties of the outdoor barrel sauna

The outdoor barrel sauna is the best way to turn your usual rest into a relaxation process. Each relaxing treatment in the cedar sauna creates a fantastic atmosphere. The health benefits of outdoor saunas can’t be ignored.

As a result of the procedure: 

  • The skin cleanses;
  • Blood circulation improves;
  • Muscle tension relieves;
  • The state of stress disappears.

In addition, cedar as a material has a bactericidal effect, which affects increasing the body’s defenses.

Why you should order a barrel sauna

The outdoor barrel sauna combines many positive features. Aesthetic appearance and practicality complete the list of all the main benefits of saunas. They are stylish and hide inside a lot of modern functional solutions.

The advantages of cedarwood:

  • The wood texture provides good thermal insulation and a pleasant indoor climate;
  • It is suitable for painting, so it is easy to keep and match the color as desired;
  • Dense material with its natural resins that protect it from decay;
  • Serves as a model for durability;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Maintains dimensional stability despite being used under extreme conditions.

The round saunas also suit for challenging and changing external climates.

The price of a portable sauna is always more favorable than a traditional one, and the cost of maintenance will also be lower. Cedar saunas always look great in the area adjacent to the house. There is a possibility of adaptation to the needs of a particular user. Reviews of the barrel sauna are positive, as it is now gaining more and more popularity. If you are thinking of installing a barrel sauna near your home, you can look at the offers available on our website. You’re sure to find a solution that meets all your needs. A garden barrel sauna is an elegant yet functional solution, so please don’t hesitate to ask our managers for more information!