Cedar Barrel Sauna

TOP-5 Advantages of the Cedar Barrel Sauna

Feel the wellness at its best with a barrel sauna made of cedarwood! Whether alone or with friends and family, you can forget the world around you and relax. Relaxation for the body and the soul is the core theme of a cedar barrel sauna.

The great atmosphere and the warmth soothe the soul and put the body in a state of rest. The toxins are flushed away from the body during sweating. By dilating the blood vessels, the heart and circulatory system are stimulated. The heat relaxes all the muscles in the body and leads to pain relief in the back. But the most important thing is the common fun factor. You can fully enjoy a sauna session with all your senses.

Why Cedar Sauna?

The five main advantages of the cedar sauna:

  • Absolute mobility. You can change the barrel sauna’s location at will, both on your property and in case of moving or selling the sauna.
  • Your barrel sauna is ready for use immediately after delivery and installation!
  • Due to the wood-burning stove, your sauna is not dependent on electricity.
  • Due to its original shape, the barrel sauna is heated faster than conventional saunas with fewer logs.
  • The barrel sauna is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials!
  • Health and comfort are essential things in our life. It is nice that you do not have to choose between one and the other.

Each cedar sauna is made according to Finnish technology. The barrel sauna is made of the finest cedar wood and is mobile. The wood is protected from infestation by mold, fungus, and insects by a biologically based wood preservative.

What Does a Barrel Sauna Consist of?

The barrel sauna can consist of one, two, or three rooms:

  1. A comfortable lounge with a table and benches,
  2. A washing room with a floor drain,
  3. A steam room.

Thanks to its compactness and rounded shape, the barrel sauna keeps the heat in the sauna cabin longer and more intensively than traditional home saunas. In addition, these features ensured an even distribution of heat and steam. As a result, outside the harsh winter months, the sauna room is heated to the required temperature in just 30 minutes.

The roof of the barrel sauna is made of bitumen shingles. The anteroom or dressing room can be arranged in any room of the sauna. The same applies to the shower. Due to the enormous amount of space, even tall people feel comfortable in the barrel sauna. This is ensured by the big diameter of the sauna of 200cm and more, depending on the model. Barrel saunas are produced in different sizes: small saunas are suitable for two, larger ones for eight people.

We are known for our high product quality, customer-oriented price policy, and excellent service. The Cedar Life team will be happy to assist you in choosing your sauna. Our barrel saunas are ready for use immediately after delivery and installation!

We know the actual price of health and enjoyment. So if you want to buy a ready-to-use sauna — you are welcome!