Unusual modern sauna accessories

Unusual modern sauna accessories you’ll enjoy

What would the modern sauna be without the right sauna accessories? It becomes cozy with a sauna bucket and ladle, sauna towels, headrests, footrests, and other cedar sauna helpers. Therefore, you will find plenty of information about sauna supplies in our blog, but today you will learn about helpful but not so obvious accessories for the sauna.

After a hard day, a sauna session is just the right thing to relax and find inner balance. With a sauna session, we improve the blood circulation of our entire body. Having your sauna can be a great hobby!

The essential elements in your steam room are the sauna stones, a bucket, and a ladle. But sauna clocks, sauna clothes, lights, or a foot tub may not be missing.

Top useful and unusual additions to your homemade sauna

Your homemade sauna is your place of relaxation, so only you decide how you want it to be. However, you can find unusual and beautiful accessories that will delight you in every sauna session to achieve comfort and aesthetics.

  1. Hourglass. The sauna hourglass also has a useful function. The clock consists of a small glass tube, a wooden frame, and a certain amount of sand that measures the time of the sauna session. For this purpose, the hourglass is turned over at the beginning of the sauna session. From that moment, the sand begins to trickle through the glass tube. The regular sauna session lasts about 15 minutes. If possible, this period should generally not be exceeded. To suit different tastes, you can find clocks in different shapes and colors. However, the most common is the tube shape.
  2. Sauna clothes. Some barrel saunas lovers visit the sauna in swimsuits, some prefer to wear towels, but you can also choose other beautiful garments for the barrel sauna. It can be a stunning robe or a unique garment made of the same material as the towels. The main thing is to use natural fabrics and avoid metallic elements on the clothes. If terry cloth doesn’t suit you, choose something made of cotton. Lightweight and well-absorbing fabric can be shaped like a bathrobe, kimono, or dress – it’s up to your preference. The steam can be distributed even better in the cabin with the sauna clothes. An ordinary towel is unsuitable for this purpose. This is because the weight and bulky size somewhat hinder the use.
  3. LED lights. One more accessory is exceptionally creative lightning for the barrel sauna and wellness area. They are available in different colors and are installed directly in the steam room or resting room. Depending on the model, it is possible to switch between colors (e.g., red, blue, green, yellow, white) and even use color gradients. LED colored lights are suitable for barrel saunas, infrared cabins, and traditional saunas and contribute to a relaxing and soothing sauna session.

What unusual accessories have you met? Take photos of your favorite unique sauna accessories and tag Cedarlife on social media!