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Weight loss: is a cedar sauna better than a 30-minute walk?

People go to great lengths to lose weight. There are no limits to self-improvement with intimidating diets and relentless training when weight loss becomes the primary goal. There’s nothing wrong with reasonable exercising, especially since it’s much harder to achieve the weight you want without them.

However, ending your day with a grueling workout isn’t always the right thing to do, especially after a hard day. It’s additional stress on your body, which can only make you worse in the long run.

Losing weight can’t be fast. It takes a lot of time, some effort, and a comprehensive approach that fits your lifestyle and needs.

It turns out that you can do more than sweat at the gym to lose fat and burn some calories. Visiting a cedar sauna is also a great way to do this!

According to a study from one of London’s universities, it was observed that you could burn the same amount of calories as you would during a brisk 30-minute walk or jog. Barrel saunas or hot baths can help you with this.

The essence of the study

Fourteen men participated in the experiment. They had to complete two tasks: exercise on a treadmill and lie in a hot bath for an hour. It doesn’t sound like a science experiment, but in fact, scientists were trying to find out how many calories would be burned during these activities.

What have they learned?

Exercise is more energy-consuming than visiting a cedar sauna. But, the main goal of the experiment was to raise body temperature by at least one degree, which would have been an additional calorie burner. The hot bath environment did the trick and quite effectively. Yes, an hour of jogging consumed more calories, but an hour in the bath burned as many calories as a half-hour workout would burn.

But why?

There are very compelling reasons why a hot bath or a barrel sauna helps with fat burning:

  1. Fat doesn’t just melt away, as much as we might want it to, but the hot steam or water speeds up the fat-burning process considerably.
  2. The bath also had the same anti-inflammatory effect as exercise. One day after the experiment, the participants were tested, which showed a 10% lower sugar level for those who attended the bath. 
  3. A bath or cedar barrel sauna is so effective because it burns more calories when your body temperature rises. The body expends an increased amount of energy to maintain an optimal internal temperature, which causes you to lose calories. Warming the body from the outside is stressful, so the organism releases unique heat shock proteins, which accelerate fat burning.

Besides losing weight and burning calories, there are other benefits of the sauna. Relaxing in the steam room is more than just pleasant. It’s also good for our skin, muscles, joints, and heart. The heat of the sauna regulates blood flow and soothes pain. It’s also an excellent remedy for insomnia, especially if you use a homemade sauna lavender aroma.