What accessories to buy for a portable sauna

What accessories to buy for a portable sauna?

What could be better than an evening spent in the steam room? Of course, visiting the portable sauna is enjoyable on its own, but you can enhance your experience with a variety of accessories. 

Essential accessories for the cedar sauna

For beginners, this list of seven must-have accessories will help make the sauna experience better.

  1. Sauna Thermometer. 

A thermometer is not the first accessory that comes to mind when we think of a sauna, but having it in the cedar sauna is critical. The cedar sauna should not get too hot. Also, you have to make sure that the temperature doesn’t drop while you are in the steam room. Keeping this balance without a thermometer is very difficult. 

Choose a sauna thermometer that is designed for the sauna. These thermometers tolerate high temperatures well and do not emit any harmful substances or odors. You can buy a sauna set with a thermometer and hygrometer to control temperature and humidity at the same time.

  1. Bucket & Ladle.

To heat the steam room faster, you need to pour water on the stones. This additionally creates a wave of steam and fills the room with a pleasant mist. For this purpose, you need to get a ladle for the sauna and a bucket. Some people use a simple water bottle, but this slightly spoils the atmosphere.

A cedar bucket with a ladle is much more pleasant and comfortable to use. Because of the more suitable material for sauna conditions, these accessories will last a very long time, despite the high temperatures and humidity.

  1. Bench Backrest.

Usually, the steam room has no backrests at the benches. Even though many people are used to lying down in the sauna, some people prefer to be sitting there. If you prefer to sit during your sauna session, backrests will significantly enhance your experience if you choose the correct bench backrest.

Not everyone can sit still, so you may want to recline or take a more relaxed position. A bench in the cedar sauna is more for lying down comfortably than for sitting. A quality bench backrest will complete your sauna and make your steam room even more comfortable.

  1. Stones for sauna.

If you already have a portable sauna or are just about to place an order, it’s worth thinking ahead about choosing sauna stones. The choice of stones will depend on the type of stove you have and the type of sauna. Sauna stones vary in weight, size, and composition. The better the rocks, the better the heat created, and the temperature held in the steam room. 

If you don’t know which stones to choose for your cedar sauna, you can check with our managers.

  1. Homemade sauna aroma or ready-to-use fragrances.

The scent in the sauna significantly affects the overall impression and enjoyment of the treatment. Essential oils have an aromatic effect and have a direct impact on your well-being and state of mind. If this is the first time you will try adding an aroma to your sauna, start with eucalyptus oil. It gives an overall relaxing effect. 

You can buy a sauna fragrance mix in a dispenser to spray the fragrance into the air. But you can prepare a homemade sauna aroma. To do this, add a few drops of oil to water, mix well, and pour the liquid onto the stones. Never drop the oil directly on the rocks, as it can easily ignite.

If you have a list of your essential sauna accessories, write to us about them! You can make an Instagram post and tag our account @cedarlife.ca to share your list with the community.