barrel sauna

What is a barrel sauna, and how to choose the best one?

Modern bathhouses and saunas look approximately the same. There can be some differences in decor and finish, but the basic concept remains the same. A barrel sauna is the most original steam room there can be. The design can be different, depending on the size and shape required. In terms of their characteristics, portable saunas are as good as classic saunas. How to choose a sauna and about their differences, you will find out in this article.

The original design of a Barrel Round Sauna

The first thing you see is the unusual appearance of the sauna. The round sauna has a cylindrical shape, with metal hoops around the sides. You can choose from the different sizes, where you can place from two to eight people in a steam room. It is worth noting that the barrels also differ according to the number of zones inside. The average diameter of the construction is usually about two meters. The primary material of the sauna is wood. The exception is the doors — they can be glass. 

A stove is placed at the end of the barrel, from which the heat will flow. The tanks are usually installed along the walls. Portable saunas also have to be connected to the communications. It becomes more complicated to work correctly without them. 

What kind of modern sauna barrels can you buy?

Several types of modern saunas can be similar in appearance.

Ofuro (Japanese baths)

Ofuro is a variation of the open-air sauna, which has a Japanese origin. The difference is that it is placed vertically. It is installed on the end face and has no roof. It can be designed for one or more people. There are benches and equipment in the barrel. 

Russian bathhouse

Russian bathhouse assumes the presence of two sections: the bathing area and the steam room. The heater and chamber are usually placed in the steam room. The furnace and the tank should be placed in another zone.

Finnish sauna

The steam room generates dry steam of higher temperature than in the Russian bathhouse. In the Finnish barrel sauna, it is necessary to design the ventilation system carefully. The Finnish sauna is perfect in combination with contrasting water procedures so that you can install a swimming pool next to the sauna barrel.

What kind of wood is suitable for barrel saunas?

One of the several types of wood listed below is usually used in the sauna barrel’s manufacturing:

  • Cedar Sauna;
  • Linden Sauna;
  • Aspen Sauna;
  • Oak Sauna.

The best species for making a sauna are cedar and oak. These species are the most durable, moisture-resistant, and heat-resistant. 

Aspen and linden are more affordable options, but a sauna made of these trees will serve you for a shorter time.

Available sizes of sauna barrels

To choose the barrel’s size, determine the estimated number of people, the number of zones, the type of steam room. There are three options for making a barrel sauna:

  1. The standard length of the building is up to 3.5 meters. It comfortably accommodates up to 7 people.  
  2. Medium barrels have a length of up to 2.9 meters.
  3. Mini barrels have a length of up to 2.6 meters. The optimal number of visitors is three persons. 

There are also larger models of barrel saunas. Up to 10 people will feel comfortable there.

Why choose barrel saunas?

  • Ability to move the sauna.
  • The small size of the construction allows you to place it in a limited area. 
  • No foundation is required for this sauna.
  • Easy to install in one day.
  • Unusual appearance.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Easy to take care of and clean a barrel.
  • The cost of a barrel sauna is much less than a stationary version.

A barrel sauna is a perfect option for relaxing in a small group. The compact construction can even be placed in the backyard of a private house. The original and modern sauna will be an enjoyable addition to your garden.