cedar sauna

What is a Cedar Phyto Sauna?

Hot steam, full of aromas of herbs and volatile oil, has an excellent preventive effect. You don’t need to build a sauna near your house or have a separate room for a sauna cabin. Phyto sauna is the most compact unit that can help you improve your health and relax, getting a sauna session without leaving your home.

If you live in an apartment or there is not enough space around your house to build a sauna or to install a portable sauna barrel, you will love the idea of a phyto sauna. A phyto sauna is so compact that you can use it even in a city apartment.

The Most Compact Cedar Sauna 

Phyto saunas have become a trend in the last few years. With a sauna session, you can improve your figure, tone up, or improve your health in general. These benefits are worth sitting motionless for 20 minutes. 

The phyto sauna has several advantages:

  • Phyto sauna is very easy to use, safe and affordable.
  • You do not need a separate room, and you do not need a stove.
  • The power expense is the same as for an electric kettle;
  • The heat inside the cedar sauna provides deep even heating of the body without the risk of getting a thermal shock to the vessels of the head; 
  • Easy care, minimal maintenance. 

It is a simplified version of a modern sauna for one person to use at home. 

How Cedar Phyto Sauna Works

The construction of the phyto sauna is simple. It is a wooden barrel with 77-95 cm diameter and a height of 120 to 150 cm. Often phyto sauna is made of solid wood or glued from boards in a barrel or cabin.

How a compact sauna barrel works:

  1. A warm, soft cloth layer is placed inside the barrel. It should be comfortable to sit on without the risk of getting scalded by the hot wood;
  2. A steam generator connects to the bottom of the barrel and regulates the volume and temperature of the hot water vapors;
  3. A person sits inside the phyto sauna, closes the top hatch, and covers the gaps with a napkin or towel. 20-30 minutes later, the steam generator automatically turns off, after which you can leave the phyto sauna.

During the process, the head stays outside the barrel. The person continues to breathe the room’s cool air, thereby not exposing himself to the risk of heatstroke. The face, eyes, mucous membranes, and head vessels are not subjected to thermal stress.

What Kind of Wood is Better for a Phyto Sauna? 

Conifers, pine, and cedar are the most popular materials for phyto saunas. However, the most beneficial is the cedar sauna.

The oak steam rooms are also popular. The surface of the boards inside the phyto sauna is treated with stiff brushes. This helps to expand the pores of the wood and facilitates the release of tannins. As a result of interaction with the hot steam, the wall’s surface releases flavones that improve the skin quality.

Differences Between a Phyto Sauna and an Outdoor Cedar Sauna

A session in a phyto sauna will not be the same as a visit to an authentic sauna. Nevertheless, the phyto sauna has many advantages and beneficial properties, and that’s why its popularity is growing.

Like a standard sauna, the phyto sauna improves muscle tone, relieves skin irritations, helps recover from injuries, sprains and strengthens the immune system. In addition, the ability to regularly use a modern sauna even in the apartment is helpful for those who suffer from swollen legs, feet, or joint pain.