Round sauna barrel in the wintertime

What will happen to my round sauna barrel in the wintertime?

You may have the misconception that barrel saunas are suitable only for summertime. This confusion often appears due to the appearance of the round sauna and its compactness. Many people fear that thin wooden walls will not be able to retain heat when the frost hits. Someone suggests using the insulation. The barrel sauna is a unique construction, which is suitable for use both in winter and summer. Moreover, you can buy a barrel sauna and install it on your spot without waiting for the warm season.

How to fire up the furnace and heat a sauna barrel in winter

When the thermometer suddenly drops below zero, the cozy warmth of a wooden sauna becomes especially desirable. But comfort is directly related to a well-heated steam room. The thin walls respond to warm air much faster than the thick logs of a log cabin. If you use a quality furnace, you can achieve results in less than an hour and a half.

If you use a traditional wood stove, it is also economical. It takes very few firewoods to heat the entire sauna.

Barrel sauna in winter: no draughts and no cold floors!

The barrel exists more than a thousand years old. At the same time, its design remains unique and finds application in new fields. The value of a barrel with a sauna is the ability to provide natural convection mode.

When you open the door of the steam room, there is a very sharp temperature drop. Cold air rushing into the heated dressing room or steam room and makes your floor cold. The rounded design of this Finnish barrel sauna guarantees natural air circulation in the room.

The heat goes down the rounded walls, capturing the cold air and warming it. Thus the floor becomes warm, and the sauna procedures become more comfortable.

Finnish technology for a barrel sauna Ontario

A barrel sauna, which is made according to the original Finnish technology, does not suggest the use of insulation. Otherwise, it would increase the cost of the whole construction and reduce its service life. Even the best insulation will retain moisture and create pleasant conditions for the fungus and bacteria. Gradually the wood will start to rot, gaps will appear, and airtight will be lower.

Wall thickness of 42 mm will cope with the frost without insulation. It corresponds to the thickness of brickwork of 200 mm. 

If you heat the cabin to a hundred degrees, it will cool down only after a couple of hours. In this case, it is always possible to use more firewood or turn on additional heating. If necessary, you can maintain the desired temperature in the sauna for a long time.

Barrel sauna for sale in winter

If you haven’t got a sauna for your home during the summer, it does not mean you have to wait for summer to get the benefits of a warm sauna. You can buy and install a barrel sauna despite the weather outside.

Assembly will take a minimum of time. Our specialists will deliver the cedar sauna to the place of your choice and make the assembly. You will be able to enjoy steam on the same day. 

A barrel sauna can be used all year round, including winter. Even in a 20-degree frost, it will flawlessly cope with its function. Thin walls are not a hindrance in this case. They save the heat well, and there is no need to insulate the room. The entire construction comes without insulation, which makes mobile saunas durable and comfortable.