Round Sauna

Why a Round Sauna is Better Sauna Design

Round barrel saunas are gaining popularity, and there are at least seven reasons why. Cedar Life describes the top reasons why customers choose round sauna kits.

A Round Sauna warms faster.

When comparing a round sauna kit and a square sauna kit, it is worth remembering that a square sauna has extra but unused space. A round sauna has less unused air space without reducing usable space. This feature allows the same furnace model to heat a circular room faster.

The circular design causes a more even distribution of heat within the sauna. 

The heat always rises upwards. Because of this, the upper part of the room is always hotter than the lower part. So if the sauna is square, the heat will be trapped at the top while people stay at the bottom.

In round saunas, the curvature of the room helps the warm air to move. As a result, the heat rises and doesn’t stay there but is pushed downward by the subsequent airflow. The heat sinks by the walls, causing an even distribution of heat. When comparing the different forms of saunas, the round sauna offers the most effective heat spread.

Ball and socket profiles

Wood expands and contracts under the influence of high temperatures. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that nothing interferes with the natural wood motion. Excessive screws and fasteners can hinder expansion, which can often cause the wood to crack under temperature fluctuations. Barrel Sauna is designed to withstand even extreme temperature changes, so the wood planks will expand and contract easily. They are held together by steel strips rather than numerous fasteners. The steel strips hold the structure securely while giving it a longer life because of its ability to expand and contract.

Solid wood staves

The double-wall construction causes the material to expand and contract at different rates. This leads to the loss of structural integrity of the sauna in the long run. The round sauna kit contains solid wooden staves so that the walls will be undamaged even in the harshest conditions outdoors. The staves also have notches and are stretched over the end sections. This creates a tight fit that will be serviceable for a lifetime without using unnecessary fasteners.

Excellent outdoor design that doesn’t require maintenance

The outdoor barrel sauna is excellent for year-round use:

  1. It naturally drains water.
  2. Structural integrity allows the barrel sauna to withstand snowfall and rain without damaging the structure of the sauna.
  3. The supports enable the installation of the sauna on almost any surface.
  4. White cedar is remarkable for its resistance to water and insects.

Our round sauna kits require almost no maintenance.

A Round Barrel Sauna is highly efficient. 

Thanks to the room’s efficient space utilization and circular shape, it uses less energy for heating. Additionally, the white cedar walls are excellent insulators. As a result, the outside surface of the sauna stays cool even on top of the construction. You probably won’t notice a financial burden even with regular use of the sauna barrel.