Why you’ll love an outdoor sauna barrel

Anyone who loves to visit a sauna will rejoice at the opportunity to have it in their home. Sauna barrels are the best addition to any garden, summerhouse, or backyard.

Sauna barrel Canada kits can be delivered to almost any address. It takes very little time to assemble a sauna barrel so that you can experience your new sauna in a few days. Due to their size and shape, these saunas are extremely energy and material-efficient.

What is a portable sauna barrel?

A sauna barrel is a small sauna made of cedarwood. They can vary in size, shape, and equipment. Small weight and mobility do not require a solid foundation and allow you to place the building almost anywhere. The result is a compact and comfortable barrel-shaped sauna, which looks great in any area.

The Benefits of a Barrel Sauna

The convection heat automatically keeps the heat moving in a circle and from top to bottom. This is important because the heat is not trapped in the upper part of the room and keeps the lower section from cooling down. 

Conventional saunas often have only one layer of wood, which is both interior and exterior. One layer does not give good insulation, so the heat is not retained well. The design features of a sauna barrel help to compensate for the lack of insulation through the efficient use of space and the movement of warm air flows.

Let’s consider the advantages of a sauna barrel compared to a sauna cabin of the same size. In this case, you need to heat a quarter less space precisely because of the rounded shape of the barrel, which saves space. This is not only one advantage, but a very significant one.

The recognizable design will keep the heat from rising and staying at the top of the barrel. The air inside gets hot at the heat source (in our case, a wood stove) and rises to the top. The air that has just been heated displaces the cold air, and it goes down toward the furnace. The process repeats while you are using the sauna. The circular design ensures that the hot air is in motion all the time, resulting in effective heating of the entire room.

The second issue concerns heat retention inside the sauna. The wood expands as it heats up, so it becomes more airtight when heated. This keeps moisture and hot air from escaping through the wood.

Other benefits of a portable sauna:

  • Installation requires no foundation. However, the sauna barrel will serve longer if the wood does not touch the ground. To do this, place it on a paving stone, composite decking, or concrete pad;
  • Small spaces can be heated in less than an hour;
  • Profitable and cost-effective in comparison with other types of saunas;
  • Easy to move the sauna to another place;
  • Easy to assembly;
  • No need for a vapor barrier;
  • A round roof can withstand rain, wind, and even heavy snow loads.

But like everything, sauna barrels also have drawbacks you need to be aware of:

  • There is no additional layer of thermal insulation.
  • It loses a lot of heat if you will be using the doors frequently (only for single room saunas)
  • In rare cases, the floor warms up slowly, which can make your feet cold. This usually happens because the barrel is in contact with the ground or in the harshest frosts. The effect is temporary, and it takes a little longer to warm up the sauna.
  • Tall people may be uncomfortable standing full-height inside the barrel. But you can always choose a more spacious and higher version.

Almost all of the disadvantages are easy to avoid, knowing about them in advance. But the advantages and the experience that you get from the barrel sauna outweigh them all.

The Price of Sauna Barrels in Ontario

Prices for round sauna barrels start at $6999. Find your perfect cedar sauna on our website! Also, check out the other shapes: square and oval.

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