Wood for barrel saunas

Wood for barrel saunas 🌳

Cedar is one of the high-grade wood species with many valuable properties. Therefore, it is ideal for use as a material for barrel saunas

Wood For Barrel Sauna

What properties of wood are really important?

When choosing a wood for barrel saunas, the main properties you should consider are strength, average dry wood mass, shrinkage, expense, and toxicity:

  1. Toxicity. The wood should not emit toxic substances, allergens, and toxins when heated in the sauna. In addition, various resins should not be exhaled, as they can also adversely affect health.
  2. The mass of the wood for a modern sauna. The heavyweight determines the complexity of the design and additional difficulties in the assembly of a portable sauna. In addition, other materials and equipment may require additional weight support so the final price may be higher.
  3. Shrinking. It is essential to note shrinkage. This feature will allow you to understand how the aging process will behave in a portable sauna or surface material and how the wood will deform during the prolonged influence of temperature over a long time.
  4. Strength is a significant factor too. No one wants sauna structures made of wood to weaken or crack over time due to too much weight.
  5. Price. The price of materials is often also crucial because finishing materials should also be based on your financial capacity, perhaps looking for a compromise solution among other qualities of wood.

Sauna boards must be durable and environmentally friendly materials that do not emit unpleasant odors or harmful substances. Therefore, wood is the most suitable material. Many of its species are good for making sauna boards, but in our experience, cedarwood always shows better in the long run.


What else you should know about cedarwood?

Since cedar is a coniferous wood that produces resin, cedarwood for a modern sauna must be treated beforehand. After that, all resinous materials must be removed entirely. However, the scent of the natural wood is preserved, which is considered the most important advantage of cedar among sauna fans. Therefore, cedar sauna will also provide therapeutic aromatherapy, as it emits healthy and beneficial substances and a beautiful aroma.

Cedarwood is ideal for finishing in rooms with relatively high humidity and temperature, so sauna is no exception. In addition, cedarwood is resistant to rot and has excellent durability and a unique wood texture. You can be sure that the boards of this wood will look perfect in your modern sauna.

Cedar will help you quickly get rid of your fatigue and restore your mental balance because when cedar is heated, valuable essential oils are released. When you relax near natural wood, you fill your body with energy for a long time and strengthen the immune system. Planks of cedar for a modern sauna are robust, stable, and fireproof – this is important for the sauna. Cedar is expensive enough, but the price can vary depending on the type of wood. If you choose cedar, you will not be disappointed because it perfectly withstands the temperature and humidity fluctuations of the genuine sauna.