portable sauna for a vacation home

Portable Sauna for a Vacation Home

A perfect barrel-shaped sauna is an inexpensive and beautiful alternative to constructing a sauna building. Modern insulation materials make it possible to insulate a portable sauna and use it all year round. In addition, the small size and high efficiency of the wood-burning stove help keep the temperature in the steam room at a high […]

cedar sauna

Indoor Cedar Sauna

Get out of everyday life into your new cedar sauna! When daily stress, pressure, and time rush are getting more robust, more people long for relaxation. If this is about you, learn more about our outdoor and indoor cedar saunas! We offer you great quality at a reasonable price with an excellent performance ratio. We […]

cedar sauna

What is a Cedar Phyto Sauna?

Hot steam, full of aromas of herbs and volatile oil, has an excellent preventive effect. You don’t need to build a sauna near your house or have a separate room for a sauna cabin. Phyto sauna is the most compact unit that can help you improve your health and relax, getting a sauna session without […]